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Mazda Xedos 9

Mazda Xedos 9: The Model`s Competitors

Mazda Xedos 9 is not that easy to find on the second-hand cars market than its main competitors. However this model is an attractive option for those who are looking for an unusual business-class automobile.

Mazda Xedos 9: Advisable Modification

2.5-liter version (KL series) that puts out 163 hp is a bestseller among all Xedos 9 modifications.

Mazda Xedos 9: Owner Review

Frankly speaking, I wan`t going to buy Mazda. It was just time to sell my car and to buy another one and I simply went to check Xedos 9 out, to see what it is.

Mazda Xedos 9: The Maintenance

There are no problems with spare parts as Xedos has already been taken out of production. Any shop that sells Japanese spare parts will give you whatever you order.

Mazda Xedos 9: The Main Breakdowns

V6-engines are quite reliable and boast of long life, some 300000-350000 km in average. This car motors weakest point is low repairability.

Mazda Xedos 9: The Model`s Disadvantages

When the speed reaches 100 km/h and over the body starts to swing and you feel some `strokes` on suspension. You do expect more comfort from a car of such a class.

Mazda Xedos 9: The Model`s Advantages

Xedos 9 looks like its status obliges it to look, that is big, heavy, and expensive.

Mazda Xedos 9: Modifications

Power plants range include 2.5-liter engine, 2.3-liter one, and 2.0-liter unit. These plants are almost the same as V6-engines, in fact they were made on their basis.

Mazda Xedos 9: The History of the Model

Xedos 6 was favorably met by the buyers, therefore quite soon one more car was produced to accomplish this series, it was a classier Xedos 9.

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